Keep In Prayer:
Gene G.                          Thelma A.
Ray D.                            John Henry
Robert B.                       Les & Yon Soon N.
Thelma B.                      Wilma T.
Jaden C.                         Jolene T
Brady & Patsy S.         Ann O.
Jake F.                            Ckyda C.
Lorece W.                      Bill G. S.
Bill C.

Those families who have lost loved ones.
Pray for those struggling through tragedies.
Pray for those serving our country.
Pray for the leaders of our country and around the world.
A special prayer for all our families.
Pray that God and prayer will be PUT BACK INTO SCHOOLS

If you have a prayer request, please let us know.  We would love to
pray for you and with you.



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