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“I Have No Voice”

We hear a lot today about “my” rights, “women’s rights” etc.   But what concerns me is that we don’t hear much, if any, about an unborn child’s rights.  We have leaders in states now saying it is okay to terminate a child’s life even once that child is outside the mother’s womb.  What is wrong with us!!  I am always fascinated that we feel we have the right to tell other countries about how they treat their people.  I ask the question back at us:
“How are we treating babies?”  Almost daily hear of children being abused, being killed, being left, etc.  It seems part of the problem must be blamed on us.  We have been telling people that these lives don’t matter until their out of the womb, but then many don’t think they matter even then.  Personally, I think that part of the problem is that life has lost its value.  Think about it: drive-by shootings, suicides, murders, abuses, and the list could go on and on.  In the very beginning of the Bible, God says we are created in HIs image, that gives each and every one of us a great value.  Life has value, may each of us see the value in our lives and then see the value in the lives of others and speak up for those who are being mistreated whether adults, children, or the unborn.

As always I look forward to your feedback.

In His Service, Larry

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