2017 Events:

Theme for 2017 – We Were Put Here To Serve


January 1 – January 30 –
“30 Day Bible Reading Challenge”

 Serving Others: (February)

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Ladies Breakfast (Men serving ladies) February 18
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Service Projects:

Heling new mothers with their infants

Buying and Placing American flags for
the National Cemeteries – many  more from the
congregation attended than pictured below.
Thank you to all who participated.

Oak Grove Center (helping at risk children)

Chino Men’s Retreat & Breakfast – June 10, 2017

100th Birthday Party For Bernice – June 24, 2017


Vacation Bible School

Gospel Meeting- God’s Plan of Salvation


Steve Egan                      Milt Beauchamp
Hear & Believe               Repent

Kevin Schwiger              Keith Hinds
Confession                      Be Baptized

Richard Shields
Live Faithfully

Searching the Scriptures – October 23-25, 2017
What a great first night with Freddie Richards as our moderator and a panel of Jimmy Gaston, Vince Hawkins and Richard Shields.
Here is our panel for Tuesday night:
Freddie Richards – Moderator
Panel: Jimmy Gaston, Keith Hinds, Richard Shields

Our panel for Wednesday night:
Freddie Richards – Moderator
Panel: Jimmy Gaston, Kevin Schwiger, Richard Shields

Check out the questions and answers on the Search the Scriptures page


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