Free Bible Materials

The following materials are absolutely “free” of charge when available..
All DVDs are from one of the following sources:
World Video Bible School, Apologetics Press, or Focus Press
These are updated as new ones become available:
Searching For Truth
Returning To Truth
God’s Kingdom
The Truth About Morals
Truth About
Truth About Angels
Truth About the Christian & Self Defense
Why So Many Churches?
America’s Most Pressing Concern
Silencing God
Truth Be Told
Is The Bible From God?
Evil, Pain and Suffering
The Cross and the Crescent
Where Do We Go When We Die
Managing Media in the Home
Building Greater Kids
Saved Without A Doubt
Killing Jesus
Noah’s Ark
Is The Bible Reliable?
No One Left Behind
Thief on the Cross
Has the Bible Been Corrupted

Book – “Agony and Glory of the Cross” (Author Charles Hodge)
Book – “The Good News From God”

We also offer free 8 Lesson John Hurt Bible Correspondence Course
would love an opportunity to study with you.

For any of the materials please write to:
Valley Church of Christ
29035 Del Monte Drive
Menifee, CA 92586

Or Call – (951) 679-1010

Or email at:

When emailing us for materials, please be sure to give a full address where to send the materials.

We look forward to hearing from you and for the opportunity to study with you and to spread the Word of God.

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