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That Makes Sense

I was listening to a radio program a couple of weeks ago and came
across some information that helped me to make a lot of sense about
how we got to where we are.  It was taken from an article written back
in the 1980s.  It was an agenda.  The homosexual agenda.  I know right
away folks are going to start saying, “he’s homophobic.”  I assure you I
am not.  I do however believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.
I believe God instituted marriage with Adam and Eve.
But homosexuality did not just happen over night.  I believe we in the church
had our eyes and ears closed.  It did not happen with just homosexuality.
I believe it started with closing our eyes to premarital sex, divorce, people living with each other, abortion, etc.  That is what interested me so much about this program.  It wasn’t even so much the subject as it was the agenda.  Here was the agenda, back in the 1980s, you look at it and tell me if
this is not exactly what has happened.
1st  become visible
2nd be portrayed as victims
3rd get to be considered normal
4th become heroes
5th present anyone against you as a villain
And claim to be the victors.
Look how our society has bought into this.  Marriage has been changed,
gender identity is now being changed and incest is being promoted by
many of these same groups.
What is our plan as God’s children?
Christians “WAKE UP!!’

As always be interested in your feedback, Larry

God Changes Lives

“God Changes Lives!” – Update
We are over halfway through 2016.  We have been allowing God
to work in our lives and change them.  Our lives must be changed
everyday.  Our goal is to become more Christ like everyday.  How
is your life and walk with the Lord?  Come and join us as we continue
to allow Him and HIs Word to impact our lives and the lives of those
around us.

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