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Larry’s Blog

In the Midst of the Storm

Life is a real challenge.  We all face our own struggles our own battles.
But there is always one constant, God is always there.  He promised in
the book Hebrews, that He would never leave us, nor forsake us.
I don’t know about you, but somedays that is all that gets me through.
I am reminded of how even in the storms of life we can grow closer
to God.  He uses storms in our lives.
In John chapter 6, after Jesus fed the multitude He knew that the
people were intending to take Him by force and make Him king.
(Just as a side note here, if Jesus came to be an earthly King, He
could have avoided all the pain of the cross right here,  That’s a
subject for another time.)  But back to Jesus using storms, in this
chapter He (John 6), He sends them across the sea in the boat, but
while on the sea, they encounter a storm, sometimes it is the will
of God to put us in a storm to build our character and our faith.
The text says they looked out and saw Jesus walking on the water
and they were frightened.  But He said to them, “It is I, do not be
afraid.”  They received Him into the boat and immediately the
boat was at the other side.  Where Jesus sends us He will make
sure we get there, even if it means “through” the storm.

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Our God Is Able – He Will Not Fail

Our God Is Able – He Will Not Fail
This is our theme for 2018.
We serve a God who never breaks a promise.
Who is able to do more than we can ever think or imagine.
A God who can deliver us from any situation we find ourselves in.
There is no one else who is able to do what He can.
Would you join us as we go through this year looking at the
God who loves us, created us and wants us to serve Him.
Our God is able!!

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Need A Ride?

The Lord has blessed us with the opportunity
to help those who may need a ride to worship.
If that is you and you live in our area, please
call us at (951) 679-6770.
The bus runs every Sunday morning for Bible class and worship.
It picks up between 8:30 & 9:00 am.
Or Email us at:
God’s people serving people.

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Welcome to our web site.  We hope you find our site helpful for both
Christians and non-Christians.  Our goal is to reach out and serve those
in our area and around the world. 

Are You Looking for Help In Life? – Jesus is the Answer to our Problems!!!
Check out our site.  It is geared toward Christians and non-Christians who are searching to know more about God’s Word.  We all struggle in life and look  for answers.  God’s Word has those answers.  God’s Son is the  way to a life of true contentment and happiness.  It won’t always be easy, but it will be rewarding.

Please check out the materials on our site.  We offer all our materials absolutely free of charge.  Our goal is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and help people.   If you live in our area or are just passing through, please come visit and worship with us. We believe the best way to know what someone believes is to check them out.  We strive to serve God in spirit and in truth.
Check out the events and upcoming events section.

Our Service Times are as follows:
Classes are available for all ages – Bible Class starts at 9:30 am Sunday morning
Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study:  9:30 am – The Book of Acts
Sunday Morning Youth Bible Study: 9:30 am – The Bible Study Guide
Sunday Morning Worship:  10:30 am – Series: Our God Is Able – He Will Not Fail
Sunday Evening Worship: 6:00 pm – “It’s Better” – book of Hebrews
Tuesday Bible Class: 10:00 a.m. – Micah
Wednesday Mid Week Bible Study: 6:30 pm – Ephesians
We look forward to meeting you.


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